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Ilhwa Co., Ltd.
437 Sutaek-dong, Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do 471-711 Korea
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Jeong-won Lee , Manager

Ilhwa Co., Ltd.


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Even at this moment, many products are coming to the market and disappearing.
The main product philosophy of ILHWA is to develop products that can neither be easily created, nor forgotten. Water is the key ingredient that determines the quality of any drink. ILHWA puts this basic scientific fact into practice by using only Chojung mineral water for all of its products.
Chojung mineral water, widely known for its outstanding quality, is the one common ingredient for all of our line products, which makes them distinct from their competitors.
In an effort to develop a whole new kind of beverage product not only for Korean consumers but also for people in other countries, ILHWA has invested a lot in R&D for non- carbonated drinks. Our products that are healthy with Korean traditional tastes have fascinated the market : "Natural Soda," made of Chojung mineral water with unique taste; "Chojung water," a decarbonated mineral water product ; "Sangsol, " that clears your mind ; "McCol," a popular soft drink made from barley ; "Mac," a combination of barley and apples ; "Hi Sec," a fruit juice ; and "Traditional Rice Punch," offering Korean traditional taste.
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    Ginseng Up       Hong Gee Won

Ginseng Up


Hong Gee Won

    Misofiber       Natural Soda



Natural Soda

    Millennium McCol (Wheat Juice )       Hi Sec Grape Juice

Millennium McCol (Wheat Juice )


Hi Sec Grape Juice

    Hi Sec Orange       Crushed Pear Juice

Hi Sec Orange


Crushed Pear Juice